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According to the available data, two branches of the Ványi families can be distinguished.

One of them is the Pest County branch, the other is the Szabolcs-Szatmár branch. The Pest County branch starts with the settlers of Vány. They got their name based on their place of residence. Because of the Ottoman occupation they had to leave their village and they founded the Ványi families in the neighbouring places.

In the Szabolcs branch first we met Ványis in Földes, although they later prooved that Sándor, ban of Szörény had been their ancestor. We know that the Szatmár branch separated from the family in Földes, but maybe the families in Balkány, Érmihályfalva or even in Buj are also originated there.

The figure below summarizes the larger families and ther evolution. Timelines representing families are connected only when data is available showing the origins of the given family. When a family starts not from another, the beginning of the timeline shows the year of the oldest known data. The little stars represent donations or nobility certifications. The red dot indicates fall of Buda and the beginning of the Ottoman occupation.

Vanyi timeline.png

Notable families

Below a summary can be found of the larger, well known families. The pages of the families may include further subdivisions.

Pest County

Szabolcs-Szatmár County

Other families



  1. his connection with the settlers of Vány is not known yet
  2. their connection with the Sándor, ban of Severin is not known yet
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