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Catherine Eva Tomori was born in the United States to the Hungarian Immigrants Sándor Tomory and Veronika Ary from Szatmár County. Sándor was a descendant of the Ványi family.

Family tree

8. Tomori, Mózses (?-?)
4. Tomory, Sándor (1852-?)
9. Juhász, Éva (?-?)
2. Tomory, Sándor (1878-1937)
10. Csehi, László (-)
5. Csehi, Éva (1860-?)
11. Tarczaly, Julianna (-)
1. Tomori, Catherine Eva (1922-2011)
12. (-)
6. Ary, Imre (?-?)
3. Ary, Veronika (1881-1922)
7. Labancz, Juliánna (~1850-1928)


1. Tomori, Catherine Eva

2. Tomory, Sándor

Sándor was born on April 7, 1878 and baptized one day later in Porcsalma. His parents are recorded as Sándor Tomory and Éva Cseh. He got married to Veronika Ary from Ököritó. The civil marriage is recorded in Ököritó on March 29, 1902. Sándor emmigrated to the United States, his arrival is recorded on March 21, 1905 on board of the ship Ultonia.

3. Ary, Veronika

Veronika was borm on August 19, 1881 and babtized two days later in Ököritó. Her parents were Imre Ary and Juliánna Labancz. She got married to Sándor Tomory in 1902.

4. Tomory, Sándor

Sándor was born on March 28, 1852 and baptized on April 3 in Porcsalma as the first born child of Mózses Tomori and Éva Juhász. At the age of 24, Sándor got married to Éva Csehi, 17 years old at that time, on April 2, 1877 in Porcsalma. Both are recorded as having been born in Porcsalma and residing there.

5. Csehi, Éva

Éva was born on June 2, 1860 and baptized on the next day in Porcsalma. Her parents were László Csehi and Juliánna Tarczaly residing in Porcsalma. Éva got married to Sándor Tomory in 1877.

6. Ary, Imre

Imre got married to Juliánna Labancz at one point, they had at least one child together. Imre died before 1928.

7. Labancz, Juliánna

Julianna was born around 1850. Julianna died on September 27, 1928 at the age of 78 in Szatmárököritó, as the widow of Imre Ary. Her parents' names were not known to the record keeper.

8. Tomori, Mózses

Currently it is not clear, when Mózses was born. There was a Mózses born on October 22, 1829 to the parents Pál Tomori and Mária Kerekes in Porcsalma, but we cannot be sure that it was the same person as Sándor's father. Mózses got married to Éva Juhász on January 6, 1851 in Porcsalma. Their ages or parents' names were not recorded, the only information is that they were both born in Porcsalma.

9. Juhász, Éva

Éva got married to Mózses Tomori in 1851.

10. Csehi, László

László got married to Juliánna Tarczaly on May 16, 1843 in Porcsalma. Age or parents' name are not recorded. They were both born in Porcsalma.

11. Tarczaly, Juliánna

Juliánna got married to László Csehi in 1843.



Located in County Szatmár at the eastern border of Hungary.


Sometimes also called Szatmárököritó, referring to the County Szatmár, later merged with Fülpös, today called Ököritófülpös.