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The family name Ványi (pronunciation:[’vaːɲi]) cannot be found among the most common Hungarian family names. According to the 2004 survey it is not in the top 100, that is in Hugary there are less than 10,000 people with this name.[1] In spite of this fact, one can find Ványis almost in the whole country, and sometimes even beyond the borders of Hungary.

It would be improvident to assume that it is one single family according the law. But is might be not that wrong to speak about the Ványi family in general, should we consider people living in Földes, Veresegyház, Cegléd or even in California.

The aim of this page is to collect as much information on Ványis living all over the world as possible and to present the history of the family in an organized manner with ancestry tables and family connections.

The origin of the name

As common in Hungary, the name is based on a locality name. In Hugarian an 'i' at the end means 'from', that is ványi means from Vány. The settlement Vány could be found to the south of Pest and to the north of Bugyi, that time not far from the border of counties Pest and Fejér. The first written reference is from 1277, when it is described as deserted place.[2] It might have been an inhabited settlement earlier that has been destroyed during the Mongol invasion. The resettling occured after 1359 but the village has been destroyed again during the Ottoman campaign around 1541 never to build up again. Inhabitants fled to the neighbouring villages. The name survived in the name of two places, Alsóvány (lower Vány) and Felsővány (upper Vány).

Brief history

We can follow the history of the family in two threads, between which no connection has been found yet. One of the threads starts with Mihály, falconer of the king, Egyed, son of Tamás and further settlers of Vány. Their descendants moved to other villages during the Ottoman wars, and founded the Ványi families in Veresegyház, Vác and other places in and around Pest county. We know that some of them moved to Nagykőrös, and they might be the ancestors of the Ványi family in Cegléd as well. Unfortunately, we have no furher information on the history of this branch. However, it is important to know that Leopold I. donated nobility title and a family coat of arms to István Ványi in Nagykőrös.

The first person on the other branch is Sándor, bán of Szörény, faithful servant of Stephen, junior king of Hungary. He received several donations, one of those has been later reaffirmed by Andrew III and Louis the Great. We have no detailed information on his descendants, but in 1741 János Ványi residing in Földes proved that Sándor was his ancestor and also presented the document issued by Louis the Great to Szabolcs County. We have more information on János's family, he is the ancestor of the Földes Ványi family, whereas his unlce, Mihály is the founder of the Szatmár Ványi family.

Separately, one can also mention the immigrants. We have detailed information on Lajos Ványi, who moved from Cegléd to Oregon and John Vanyi, who moved from Porcsalma to Michigan.


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