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The Nagykőrös Ványi family (pronunciation:[’nɒckøːrøʃ]) is one of the oldest branches of the family, with the first record dating back to 1636. According to certain records some settlers of Vány moved to Nagykőrös after Bugyi has been destroyed. The best known member of the family is István Ványi, who received a nobility title in 1690. It is possible that the members of this family founded the Ványi families in Cegléd and Kecskemét.


In the list below the names are written in modern form using western name order. The original form, if different, is mentioned in parentheses.

1636 - The town council bought fox skin from Ferenc Ványi (Vani Ferke).

1637 - The town council bought fox skin from Ferenc Ványi (Vani Ferke).

1649 - Ferenc Ványi (Váni Ferencz) escaped, the town hired two henchmen.

1650 - The town had to pay fine to the local landlord beacuse Ferenc Ványi (Vani Ferencz) escaped.

1651 - Zsuzsanna Ványi (Váni Zsuzska) was accused as sex offender, but she was cleared of the charges.

1653 - Zsuzsanna Ványi mentioned twice, once as the wife of János Szikszai Szabó (Szikszai Szabó János, szabó means taylor).

1656 - A cobbler called Ványi (Váni varga) sold a greyhound to the town.

around 1661 - The town gave a piece of log to János Ványi Varga (Ványi Varga János). Note that the occupation (varga - cobbler) now appears in the name.

1662/63 - Tamás Ványi (Ványi Thamás) received money from the town for ferry. He might have been a courier.

1680 - The border between the town of Kecskemét and the wasteland of Lajos (now part of Lajosmizse) was surveyed on 15 August. Gergely Ványi of Kecskemét was said to be illegally living in Lajos. A 52 year old witness said that there had been summer land (land used during summer) in Lajos owned by inhabitants of Nagykőrös, including Tamás Ványi. A 84 year old witness mentioned Gergely Ványi of Nagykőrös, who had owned land in Lajos. A 38 year old witness said that he had heard about the border from the late Tamás Ványi. A 44 year old witness said that he had been the servant of Tamás Ványi, tasked to guard his 80 cows in the aforementioned land.

1686 - András Szőrös mentioned János Ványi in his will written on 10 July.

The first well known member of the family is István Ványi, who received a nobility title and coat of arms from Leopold I. in 1690. This has been announced on November 13 at the assembly of Pest-Pilis-Solt County. The donation has been awarded to István, his wife Erzsébet Danóczy, their children Gergely and Sára furthermore to his brother János and his wife Anna Bende. The original document was kept in the county archives under registration number 30/1265, and the copy was in the nobility documents group under registration number V.19. According to the Illésy collection the donation includes two more family members: Gergely, brother of István and János, furthermore János, son of János and Anna.

1694 - István Ványi with other members of the family signed the petition of the nobles in Nagykőrös.

1696 - During a law suit István was recorded to be 35 years old on 3 January. This means he was born between January 4, 1665 and January 3, 1666.

1705 - As a supporter of Francis Rákóczi II. István Ványi left the town to escape the approaching Austrian troops. He hid some money in the church, but it was found and taken.

1715 - The census recorded only Joannes (János) Ványi.

1724 - The county census of nobles recorded only Gergely, and in the same year a nobility inspection is recorded in the archives.

1726 - János and György Ványi were listed in the records.

1798 - Mátyás Ványi, resindent in Nagykőrös, started a nobility certification process, but this process ended prematurely in 1816. According to his statement, his father was István, his grandfather was János, and his great-grandfather was János who received the 1690 nobility title together with István. Mátyás had a son János, who had a daugther Mária. She was married to Ns. Sándor Biki Farkas and later to Ns. György Csete.



Ványi Ferenc

VÁNYI Ferenc, dr. (Nagykőrös, 1887. jan 14. – Budapest, 1966. mar 15.) Teacher, editor. Received a degree as teacher of history and geography at the University of Kolozsvár (1919). He started to teach in Nagykőrös, then he moved to Szentendre (1910-1911). He was relocated to Budapest, first as teacher at the Baár-Madas lyceum until 1936, later as director until nationalization (1943-1950). Editor of the Lexicon of Hungarian Literature (1926). source: Szentendrei arcképcsarnok

Mária Ványi

Coat of arms

Ványi István 1690-ben I. Leopold királytól kapta czímeres nemes levelét. [Collect. herald. nro.]

Czímere a paizs kék udvarában zöld halmon nyugvó arany koronán könyöklő vörös ruhás kar, arany markolatú kivont kardot tartva. A paizs fölötti sisak koronájából vörös ruhás, prém kalpagos magyar vitéz emelkedik ki, jobb kezében kivont kardot, bal kezében üstökénél fogva levágott törökfejet tartva. Foszladék jobbról aranykék, balról ezüstvörös. [Adami, Scuta gentil. tomo XIV]

Nagy Iván , Magyarország családai)

Wappen: In B. auf gekr. gr. Hügel ein r. bekl. geb. Arm, einen Krummsäbel mit g. Parirstange in d. Faust haltend. - Kleinod: R. bekl. Mann mit g. Gürtel und Pelzkalpag sammt r. Sacke wachsend, in d. erhobenen Rechten einen Krummsäbel mit g. Parirstange, in d. seitwärts gestreckten Linken einen schnurrbärtigen, vom Rumpfe getrennten Türkenschädel beim Schopfe haltend. - Decken: bg. - rs. Adels- u. Wappenbrief v. König Leopold I., d. d. 1690 für Stefan Ványi.

Siebmacher's Wappenbuch , Der Adel von Ungarn [Magyarország]

Azure, on a mount Vert a crown Or, an arm Gules, holding a sword Argent with grip Or. On the helm a crown Or, issuant therefrom a man Gules, holding a sword in the right hand and a turk head in the left hand. On the right mantled Azure, doubled Gold, on the left mantled Gules doubled Argent.

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