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A settlement in the middle ages, to the south of Pest, to the north of Bugyi, that time not far from the border of Pest and Fejér counties.


In the surviving documents Vány is mentioned in 1277 for the first time. The area is referred to as "terra Vány" in the document as one of the borders of posession Tavarnuk.[1] It is possible that the it was an inhabited village, that has been destroyed during the mongol invasion.

In 1359 Louis I donated the area to Mihály, son of Lőrinc of Dobos, falconer of the king. Mihály sold a large portion of the posession to Egyed, son of Tamás of Besenyő. People started to settle in the village that time, and the family name appeared. In later documents Mihály and Egyed are reffered to as Ványis.

From the next 150 years we have information on more residents of the village, there are men of the king (homo regius) as well as serfs.

The battle of Mohács in 1526 and the fall of Buda in 1541 had sad consequences on Vány, just like on many other villages between the Danube and the Tisza. The inhabitants had to flee to Bugyi and other villages. During the fifteen-year war Bugyi has been distroyed as well, so the former residents of Vány had to move again. We know from the Turkish records that they have settled down in Veresegyház, Vác, Mikebuda and other places for a shorter or a longer period.

The name of the village built around the church of Saint George survived in the names of Alsóvány (lower Vány) and Felsővány (upper Vány).

Important events

  • 1241: battle of Muhi
  • 1277: first written record of Vány
  • 1359: Louis I donates posession Vány to Mihály, son of Lőrinc of Dobos, falconer of the king
  • 1368: Mihály sells the biggest part of Vány to Egyed, son of Tamás of Besnyő
  • 1526: battle of Mohács
  • 1541: desctruction of Vány, fall of Buda
  • 1596: desctruction of Bugyi

Better known residents

  • Mihály, falconer of the king (around 1359)
  • Egyed, son of Tamás of Besnyő (around 1368)
  • Ványi Zsigmond, man of the king (1438-1463)
  • Ványi Ambrus, men of the king (1447-1483)
  • Ványi Tamás, judge (Iudex nobilium) in Pest county (1522-1525)