The history of the Ványi family

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13rd century

  • 1268 - Sandor, ban of Szörény receives fief in Szalka, Szent-Márton, Vasvári and Kak granted by István, junior king
  • 1277 - First written record of Vány
  • 1296 - King András reaffirms the grants of István, junior king for János and Sándor, sons of Sándor, ban of Szörény

14th century

  • 1359 - King Lajos reaffirms the grants of István, junior king and king András III. for Miklós Fekech, son of Tamás of Vasvár, cup-bearer of the king
  • 1365 - King Lajos grants the unpopulated land of Vány to Mihály, falconer of the king
  • 1368 - Mihály sells the largest part of Vány to Egyed, son of Tamás of Besenyő

15th century

  • 1406 - Miklós Fekech of Vasvár dies, and leaves his fiefs to his daughters

16th century

  • 1541 - Buda is seized by the Ottoman Empire, Vány is destroyed, the inhabitatns flee
  • 1559 - The ottoman defters record Ványi families in Veresegyházon and in other settlements around Pest
  • 1572 - Simon Ványi resident in Földes is involved in a law suit

17th century

  • 1686 - Mihály Ványi is the first recorded Ványi in County Szatmár
  • 1690 - István Ványi resident in Nagykőrösi receives a nobility title and coat of arms from King Leopold

18th century

  • 1728 - Mihály Ványi resident in Porcsalma receives a nobility certificate from Földes
  • 1741 - János Ványi resident in Földes presents the donation letter from King Lajos to the Szabolcs County Council
  • 1763 - Ferenc and Mihály Ványi residents in Porcsalma present the donation letter from King Lajos to the Szabolcs County Council
  • 1798 - Mihély Ványi resident in Nagykőrös starts a nobility certification process

19th century

  • 1807 - The pulpit of the reformed church in Érsemjén is painted and gilt on the expense of Mihály Ványi Sr.
  • 1825 - The Ványi family in Földes receives a nobility certificate from Szabolcs County based on the certificate issued for János in 1741
  • 1848 - More Ványis take part in the revolution

20th century