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Many members of the Ványi family in Rápolt emmigrated to the United States.

  • 1905-10-09: Ferenc and his cousin László arrived to the US and moved to Ohio.
  • 1907-04-08: Ferenc entered again, at this time he was living in Lorain with László
  • 1908-10-03: László's brother Károly arrived and went to Clarksburg, WV to his unlce, Antal Pocsok.
  • 1911-01-01: Ferenc entered again, at this time he was living in Elyria.
  • 1911-03-11: Károly got married to Margit Mészáros in Harris County.
  • 1911-12-23: Károly's brother Sándor arrived to visit Károly, but the record has been striked.
  • 1913-05-04: Lenke arrived to visit her father Ferenc in Detroit, Michigan.
  • 1913-06-04: László entered again and went to his brother Károly in Clarksburg, WV.((His name is misspelled as Vanji in the digital archives of the Ellis Island Records))
  • 1913-10-17: László's wife Emma, and their children László and Emma arrived.((Their name is misspelled as Vanye in the digital archives of the Ellis Island Records)) They moved to László's place in Clarksburg, WV.

Ványi, Emma

Born around 1892 (21 years old on October 17, 1913). Her husband László emmigrated earlier, the family followed him later. Their exact adddress is difficult to read, if I got it correctly then 416 N 4th street, Clarksburg, Harris County, West Virginia. Her maiden name is not known yet. 5'1", black hair, could read and write.

Ványi, Emma

Born around 1911 (2 years old on October 17, 1913), her father is László. She arrived with her mother Emma and with her brother László in 1913.

Ványi, Ferenc

Born around 1871 (35 years old on October 9, 1905; 36 years old on April 8, 1907; 40 years old on January 1, 1911). He moved to Ohio, first they had accommodation at Károly Nagy with his brother László. In 1907 he went László's place in Ohio. In 1911 his address is Elirya and not Rápolt anymore. His height was 5'4", his eyes and hair were brown. In 1913 his daughter, Lenke arrived, at this time his address was 30 Bacon St. Detroit, MI.

Ványi, Károly

Born around 1881 (27 years old on October 3, 1908), he moved to Clarskburg, WV to his uncle, Antal Pocsok. (In 1914 Antal lives in Gypsy.) On March 11, 1911 he got married to Margit Mészáros. Károly was 30, Margit was 26. At this time his address was not Clarksburg anymore, but still Harrison county. His parents are Sándor and Borbála. Margit's parents are Ferenc and Anna. http://www.wvculture.org/vrr/va_view.aspx?Id=24477&Type=Marriage

Ványi, László

Born around 1910 (2 years old on October 17, 1913), his father is László. He arrived together with his mother Emma and with his sister Emma in 1913.

Ványi, László

Born around 1878 (26 years old on October 9, 1905; 34 years old on June 4, 1913). He married to Emma between 1905 and 1913, and they had (at least) two children, László (around 1910) and Emma (around 1911). He arrived first with his cousin Ferenc and they went to his brother in law Károly Nagy in Ohio. Second time he went to Károly, his brother in Clarksburg, WV. His family followed him in a few months. He was 5'10", with dark hair and blue eyes. His father (his wife's father in law) was Sándor.

Ványi, Lenke

Born around 1896 (17 years old on May 4, 1913), she arrived alone in 1913 to her father, Ferenc, 30 Bacon street, Detroit, Michigan. She was 5', her hair and eyes were brown.

Ványi, Sándor

Born around 1885 (26 years old on December 23, 1911). He went to his brother, Károly. He was 5'5“, his hair were brown, his eyes were grey. The record has been striked for some reason.


Based on family records, we know that the founder of the Ványi family in Rápolt were Sándor Ványi (1834-12-08, Porcsalma, parents Gáspár Ványi and Éva Tomori) and his wife, Bobrála Veres. The above mentioned Károly's parents were also Sándor and Borbála, so we can suppose that he was their son.

This gives us the following tree:

Ványi Gáspár
Tomori Éva
Ványi Sándor
Veres Borbála
Ványi N.