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|1= 1. Lajos Ványi (1875-1944)
|1= 1. Lajos Ványi (1875-1944)
|2= 2. Károly Ványi (*1844)
|2= 2. Károly Ványi (*1844)
|3= 3. Klement Mária (*1848)
|3= 3. Mária Klement (*1848)
|4= 4. János Ványi
|4= 4. János Ványi
|5= 5. Judit Tar
|5= 5. Judit Tar

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Lajos Ványi
Born 1875.11.06
Died 1944
Portland, OR
Spouse Mária Reggel
Children Ilona

Lajos Ványi was born on 6 November, 1875 in Cegléd. His wife, Mária (Mary) Reggel was born in 1882. They got married in 1901, and their daughter Ilona (later known as Helen) was born on 11 April, 1902.

The family left Hungary in November, 1902. They traveled from Hamburg to New York on the ship called Pretoria, and they arrived on 15 November, 1902. They settled in Portland, Oregon, where their first son, Emil was born. Lajos, now using the name Louis, received the US citizenship on 18 November, 1911 at the Multinomah County Court. His drafting card was issued on 18 February, 1918. The family returned to Hungary for a short period, and their youngest son, Louis was born there. However, after the war they moved back to the US permanently.

Lajos died in 1944 in Portland, 6 years after Mária.


We have the following information from the vital records in Cegléd:

  • Lajos was born on 6 November, 1875, his father was Károly Ványi, his mother was Mária Klement (in the record it can also be read as Klemens).
  • Mária was born in 1883
  • Lajos and Mária married on 11 May, 1901. Lajos was miller, his parents are Károly Ványi and Klément Mária. Mária's parents are the late Sámuel Reggel farmer and Lídia Bátori. The witnesses are János Egri taylor and János Andrási mason.
  • Lajos' father, Károly was born in 1844, his parents were János Ványi and Judit Tar. His godparents were Pál Dömsödi and Susánna Kovács.
  • Károly Ványi (22, single, parents János Ványi and the late Judit Tar) married Mária Klement (18, single, parents Sámuel Klement and Erzsébet Deső) on 28 January, 1866. Witnesses are András Rab and István Szűcs.
  • János Ványi and Judit Tar married on 10 December, 1833. János' father was the late István Ványi, Judit's father was János Tar.

At the moment we have not much information on István, father of János Ványi, because there were several people in Cegléd called István Ványi, and at least two of them had a son, called János. One of them was the husband of Judit Dér, the other was the husband of Erzsébet Pákozdi. Judit's son was born in 1811, Erzsébet's son was born in 1815. The former was 22, the latter was 18 in 1833. Thus Judit's son seems to be more probable, but we need further research. As we only processed the data after the year 1800, it is possible, that János was born earlier.

8. István Ványi
4. János Ványi
2. Károly Ványi (*1844)
10. János Tar
5. Judit Tar
1. Lajos Ványi (1875-1944)
6. Sámuel Klement
3. Mária Klement (*1848)
7. Erzsébet Deső
2. Sámuel Reggel
1. Mária Reggel (1883-1938)
3. Lídia Bátori


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Mária Reggel
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